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The Spring Snowflake...Leucojum vernum

Posted 28th February, 2013

The Spring Snowflake is a delightfully fulsome little flower, akin to a Snowdrop in a bodice I reckon.....I've always liked bodices......I find they go well...

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Thinking about background

Posted 21st February, 2013

A good example of how a plant needs a foil....something with which to contrast. Here a hamamelis is all but lost to the background of...

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Snowdrops in a Churchyard

Posted 20th February, 2013

A look through the old churchyard at some snowdrops and the building, plus aconites, heathers and Iris reticulata.

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Arum, Hellebore, and pruning Cornus alba species (coloured stemmed dogwoods)

Posted 19th February, 2013

A look at  Arum italicum Pictum, a Hellebore, and the lovely coloured stems of the winter dogwoods, Cornus alba varieties, including how to prune them...

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Working on Perennials

Posted 18th February, 2013

February is the time we start work on our perennials. Field, border, or pot grown, they all have to be processed into divisions or potted...

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How to Plant a Tree.

Posted 9th February, 2013

A visual guide to planting a tree. The method is open to adaptation. For example you might like to use something heavier or more ornamental...

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Why you never let suckers hang around.

Posted 3rd February, 2013

What happens when the suckers from a rootstock are not removed. In this case a Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) is used to explain the point, it...

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Snowdrop Time....The beginning of our year.

Posted 2nd February, 2013

The beginning of our year coincides beautifully with the flowering of snowdrops, just as these lovely little bulbs approach flowering we take a firm grip...

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Four interesting plants for February

Posted 2nd February, 2013

A selection of four nice plants from  the nursery at Eggleston Hall Gardens. Grown at Plantsmans Corner they were taken over and planted for our...

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