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Eggleston Hall Gardens

Eggleston Hall Gardens Journal

Welcome to our website

2nd December, 2012

Hello and welcome to the new Eggleston Hall Gardens the first entry on the Plantsmans Corner site, my master has decided that his right hand man should make the introductions, so step aside Rob and Roy.......Tuckers the top dog today!

It has taken 12 years to get around to a new website and we again have to thank Allen Brindle for his creativity and expertise, we thought he had pulled out the stops with our Plantsmans Corner site but this is something else altogether, so if my master pulls his finger out....(where do humans pull fingers from?)....and writes some decent content, and if his partners here at Eggleston likewise remove their digits and apply their minds, this should become a wonderful resource for all those interested in gardening.

When my grumpy Grandmother Molly opened the Plantsmans Corner Journal, she had no idea how popular it was to become so my sister Finn and I have a lot to live up well as keeping the rabbits down....thats a human euphemism for killing them, I like doing that, its my favourite thing, and since my master had my nadgers removed I have nothing to spend my days licking, which would have been my favourite thing.

This journal is a place where visitors can see and experience how we all work together and make a traditional nursery garden work. We are a dying breed you know, overtaken and superseded by the Garden Centers who sell everything from cloches to candles and clothes to condoms....We sell plants. Good plants. Plants for your garden that will inspire and sooth your soul in these austere times. It is not for nothing that paradise is invariably visualized as a garden....where better to bury your bones!

Tucker Hockham (aged 17 months)....3rd December 2012