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Eggleston Hall Gardens

Eggleston Hall Gardens Journal

Organic, sustainable, and biological weed control.

13th February, 2013

Biological weed control; totally organic, health giving, 100% effective in dry conditions, inexpensive, re-usable, safe for children, non-toxic, no need to mix or dilute, cardio-vascular improving, no washing of sprayers or applicators, friendly to bees and other beneficial insects, no drift or residues, increases aeration, no fuel needed, a miracle control that can be applied any time of day.

Question: What is this wonder?

Answer: A Hoe.

Warning; Hoes are not compatible with Eastenders, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale or any other TV program that encourages gardeners to loaf about, sit on their arse, or vegetate on spring and summers evenings.