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Eggleston Hall Gardens

Eggleston Hall Gardens Videos

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Posted 31st August, 2013

A look at some lovely forms of Crocosmia. There are many more but I would consider these, with the exception of one, amongst the best.

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Flames, Fishing Rods, Ghosts and a Turtles Head!!

Posted 29th August, 2013

Some of the loveliest late summer flowers; Chelone, Eryngium, Tropaeolum, and Dierama all put in a show.

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Echinops; The Globe Thistles

Posted 26th August, 2013

The Globe thistles are amongst some of the most beautiful, long lasting, mid to late summer perennials. Highly prized and very effective in borders, especially...

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Silver Leaf on Plums

Posted 23rd August, 2013

A look at one of the most common diseases of Plums, although it can affect other trees, most notably Cherries and Rhododendrons, on the latter...

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Plant for Bees in August

Posted 9th August, 2013

Elizabeth takes you on a journey round the sales beds looking at plants which attract Bees and other pollinating insects. This is her first full...

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Aconitum x cammarum "Bicolor"

Posted 8th August, 2013

This is a lovely Monkshood. Aconitum is taken from the Greek word "Akon", meaning dart, because warriors used the lethal juices to poison their arrow...

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Simple layering; Update & Out-takes (occasional coarse language!)

Posted 8th August, 2013

An update on the previous "Simple Layering" video, plus some out-takes on an evening when nothing went right..... ......the moral is never to film when knackered. Apologies...

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Coming soon...The Eggleston Year

Posted 3rd August, 2013

A trailer of a forthcoming full video on the year of an English Nursery Garden

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