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Swarming Bees in an English Garden

Posted 15th May, 2014

One of natures wonders, a good May swarm; A swarm in May is worth a load of hay, A swarm in June is worth a Silver Spoon, A...

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Apple Tree Pollination Explained

Posted 10th May, 2014

Apple Tree Pollination Explained is aimed to clarify the question of if  a gardener need more than one tree and why. Most people do not...

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Sweet Peas....Tying onto canes

Posted 5th May, 2014

Tying up sweet peas has always been a pain...leave them and the lead shoots fall over under their own weight. On wigwams they eventually make...

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How to grow garlic in pots....A trial.

Posted 3rd May, 2014

Having never been very successful with garlic culture, I decided to put the growing in pots to the test. Planted in late september this video...

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