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Eggleston Hall Gardens

Eggleston Hall Gardens Videos

Showing all videos from April, 2013 

Early spring plants

Posted 20th April, 2013

Some fine spring colour after a devilishly long winter.

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Twice Daily; Adge Cutler 1966 (Folk Song)

Posted 7th April, 2013

After so many nice comments regarding The Molecatchers.....thought this one might amuse the odd person.

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Growing on young plants (contains some coarse language)

Posted 6th April, 2013

This is a "Day in the Life" film. A day at Eggleston at the beginning of our bedding fortnight where bedding plants, alpines, herbs, and...

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Colour & Interest in unusual places

Posted 4th April, 2013

A look at colour and interest in some less well focused on places, such as the beauty of emerging shoots, the promise and colour of...

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