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Wedding Cake Tree Identification

16th June, 2013

Common names can be something of a nightmare for nurserymen...people often give you such a name then get all snotty when you don't recognise it..."my granny called it her wedding cake tree, and she knew a thing or two about plants..."

Well, I don't give a tinkers toss what Granny called it. I had a lovely couple come in the gardens last year and told me about their Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Pendula that they called "Clyde"....

Now if I went to a garden centre and asked for a good specimen of "Clyde" they're either think i was taking the piss or an idiot.

They called it Clyde because of the Clint Eastwood film "Every which way but Loose" which featured an orang tang whose arms hung in the same way as nootkatensis pendula.....As I remember the monkey used to shite on the car seat, not a problem you'd suffer with a plant....A very old Granny maybe.