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Eggleston Hall Gardens

Eggleston Hall Gardens Videos

The Molecatcher 2

12th March, 2013

Having not heard the Bernard Wrigley version of The Molecatcher for many years, I was hugely taken with this interpretation by "Harp and a Monkey" who, with the modern technology not available to Bernard have made a wonderfully almost surreal video. And I wouldn't mind betting they had immense fun making it. All these lads have been kind enough to allow me to include their work on this site and I hope you enjoy their efforts as much as I have.

You will find more from from Harp and a Monkey at;

It was the outbreak of moles and setting traps with the youngsters at Eggleston that sent me off on this excursion into Velvet Coated Gentlemen......We will get back to nursery life and matters horticultural from now on.