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Eggleston Hall Gardens

Eggleston Hall Gardens Videos

High Hill Top

21st June, 2013

High Hill Top is the highest garden in the NGS yellow book. for the many American viewers that watch these videos, the "Yellow Book" is something of an institution within the UK. Private gardens will often open on one or two days of the year to the general public with all proceeds and admissions going to a group of charities, historically the McMillan nurses have been the main beneficiary. it is a system that is being copied by other charities and sadly it is a format that has probably had its day for two reasons. The first being gardens used to have to reach a certain standard, whereas today almost any garden will be accepted, particularly within village group garden days....also, and very sadly it is becoming an easy way for various criminals to look around a property with a view to thieving, also certain members of the public will steal things, especially plants as I know to my cost.

I would further add that the format in my opinion is a being flogged to death and gardens are opening too frequently, with familiarity breeding a mind set that takes the gardeners work and efforts for granted for the kudos of the regional organisation....but you can't say that because they play the emotive "its for charity" card".....A bit less frequency and a bit more quality.

High Hill Top is a good garden against all the odds at 1200ft created and gardened  by the loveliest of couples.