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Gillenia trifoliata and Oenothera Summer Sun

23rd July, 2013

A look at two fantastic plants for the summer border.Both are easy to grow, however Gillenia may be more difficult to source as its slower to establish. Often garden centres wont stock the Oenothera because it looks rubbish in pots, in which its straggly habit does not always have sales appeal because it flops over the pot edges. The industry likes compact, well presented plants in general, but independent nurseries and small growers will almost certainly have no such qualms and are more likely to understand a plants potential for the mid to long term regardless of its "pot" presentation. Having said that, there is a certain requirement for the customer to see beyond what is skin deep, and that needs a slightly deeper level of interest, and by extension,knowledge of plants. NOTE: Although this Oenothera is a member of the evening primrose family, it is not the evening opening or scented variety. This is usually Oenothera odorata, but there are other species also.