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Gardeners World; why I stopped watching.

15th June, 2013

I wish the BBC would take note. Feel free to forward this to them as I stand by everything said and written....though others may take a different view.

Although this is a personal view the total lack of interest in the programme amongst customers has become obvious.

Throughout our industry we are desperate for a good gardening journal, a programme to inspire with depth and genuine interest, something more about the plants than the presenters, and fronted by someone whose career is based on actual horticulture, not just talking about it. No more guff. While there are a couple of exceptions there would be more credibility if the "experts" were experts before the media and television convinced us all they were. And I would exclude all garden designers and concentrate on the fucking plants...designers are two a penny....good growers are not, and nobody can become an allotment expert in one, two, or even three years. Its bollocks and encourages people to think the job is easier than it is, so failures become heartbreaking and lead to disenchantment, hence the amount of people that start an allotment or garden then give up because its not as simple as on paper. Young or novice gardeners need reality, not unrealistic expectations from smiling windbags.