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Eryngium "Silver Ghost" in my home garden

16th January, 2013

One of the best plants for bees and some other beneficial insects. Sometimes sold as Miss Willmott's Ghost or Silver Ghost. I prefer not to sell it under these names as my plants are seedlings and there is always a tiny degree of variability, so they're not strictly is however always worth having. While not a perennial in the truest sense of the word, they self seed so readily they will always be in your garden. It is a prickly little bastard though if your a bit of a girl about such things......I'll probably get into trouble for that remark....The PC police might send me to jail. This was filmed at my home garden as opposed to one of the nurseries, usually a place I am obsessively private about, but on this occasion the Eryngiums and Kiftsgate seedling looked so spectacular I had to film it despite attempts to put me off.....very amusing.