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Celmisia spectabilis 'Eggleston Silver'

18th June, 2013

As a tribute to Gordon Long I keep this plant at Plantsmans Corner, though at Eggleston Hall Gardens we still have plenty of stock. I could never quite take to the plant, coming from New Zealand it is part of the "Mount Cook Daisy" family. Cold does not kill it but excessive wet will. The daisy flowers are almost perfect in uniformity, comprising of a triple layer of petals, the foliage is evergreen and the plant forms what are best described as "hummocks" of growth. While it does not set seed it easily divides, but perhaps the best thing to know in that process is to remove 90% of the old corky growth on the roots, paring them back to almost nothing. March is a good time to divide though for commercial reasons we always propagated in September or October, leaving the plants in a sheltered position to over-winter.