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A look at me 'Stiffy'....

8th May, 2013

They are amongst my favourite garden plants. Larch are not just beautiful coniferous trees for growing in shelter belts and plantations, they also have a range of forms that make a highly attractive and structural statement in the garden.

Not forgetting that they are indeed a deciduous conifer, many also offer beautiful colour ranges through the red and gold tones at needle drop in the autumn, they also offer good twig colour, striated bark, and a lovely tapestry of branchlets etched against a winter sky.....but most of all for me it is the fresh spring colour or the emerging foliage in spring and the lovely clean smell of them on the hands when stroked or touched......if they were a woman I would marry one just to look upon its beauty all day.....and I know I sound like a twat but there you are, I just love them.