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Garden Diaries 3...Snowdrops, snowflakes, & aconites. Easy division

Posted 21st February, 2017

A look at dividing snowdrops, snowflakes, aconites and a walk through some wild snowies growing en mass. The film about Salix melanostachys had to be...

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Garden Diaries 2...Hydrangea paniculata Vanilla Fraise pruning.

Posted 15th February, 2017

A film showing the pruning of Hydrangea Vanilla Fraise. This variety is a "paniculate" species, therefor the pruning method can be copied for all varieties...

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Bluebells; An Eggleston Hall Gardens Profile

Posted 11th February, 2017

Bluebells. An Englishmans quick guide

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Garden Diaries 1...How to repair a grass path

Posted 11th February, 2017

Entry 1 of our new garden Diaries series......a good trick for repairing grass paths or lawn edges, particularly where overhanging perennials or shrubs have caused...

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